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Data Processing

We can develop tools in order to collect data from several sources and send it to a destination. This destination can be used for analytics and business intelligence, for example. A good architecture allows the processing of several million messages per day.

Keywords: ETL, OLTP, OLAP, Stream Processing, Data Lake, NoSQL

Data processing lifecycle
Data processing lifecycle


We can develop mobile apps that run on tablets and smartphones: Android and iOS. These apps can be standalone or connected to web services, and can be fully integrated into your IT system.


We can advise on architecture and development best practice.

Our commitments

Universal: We use open-source tools so we can fine-tune them to provide the best solution based on your needs. For you, this offers the reassurance that other people will be able to understand the work we've done on your project.

Fast & Efficient: We select the right tools and programming languages to provide fast and memory-efficient solutions. It's cheaper to maintain and your users will be happier!

Security: We care about security so your solution is sustainable.

Advice: We advise on the cost and advantages of one solution over another.

Industries & Partnership

We're open to new fields. So far we've worked in the following industries:

We work with other companies, where necessary, to provide the right skills to succeed.

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